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5 Deadliest Pest Control Services

Canada is home to some of the deadliest pests in the world. Still, people don’t recognize it for delayed insects and animals, similar to Australia and Africa. Insects, pests, and invertebrates transmit diseases while biting a victim or via their feces. Further, the deadliest pests can infest homes in Mississauga, besides common pests. Calling a professional with a reputation for top rated pest control in Mississauga should remain a priority of people when dangerous pests infest their properties. It will not only help them deal with the problem fast but also ensure their safety.

Furthermore, we are going to tell you about the five deadliest pests in Canada that people should remain aware of.

Five Deadliest Pests in Canada;

The following are the five deadliest pests that people in Canada should remain aware of:

#1. Black Widow Spider:

Black widow is one of the deadliest spiders that you can find in Southern Canadian provinces and cities. They have a dominant presence in Southern Ontario, including Toronto. The venom of a black widow is fifteen times more poisonous than a rattlesnake.

In addition, black widow spiders are totally black with a distinguishable red mark on their abdomen. Black widow spiders have one or two red spots in the middle of their backs. A female black widow can lay fifty to hundred eggs in thirty days.

If you think black widow spiders have infested your home, it is likely that there are nests around your home, too. You should immediately call professionals like Pesticon, if you suspect a black widow spider infestation in your home. You should do it as soon as possible as exterminators can completely exterminate them from your home.

#2. Brown Recluse Spider:

Brown recluse spiders or fiddleback spiders aren’t aggressive as black widow spiders. These spiders only bite when you irritate them. Mostly, you can find these spiders in British Columbia. However, there are reports that claim they are present in Southern Ontario as well.

Further, it is hard to distinguish brown recluse spiders from local spiders because they are all brown, identical to a lot of spiders you will find in Canada.

#3. Mosquitoes:

Mosquitoes are one of the world’s deadliest insects. Besides, many people have a misconception that deadly mosquitoes are only present in the third world countries. Every year, many deaths in Canada occur due to mosquitoes. West Nile Virus (WNV) is the cause of such deaths, and malaria is rare in Canada, identical to the US.

The deadliest mosquitoes are present in Sothern Canada due to its warmer climate, plus many lakes and swamps. The prime season for mosquitoes to infest homes is May to October. Plus, people who live in southern Canada should carefully use mosquito repellent in the wood or near swamps or lakes. Calling the exterminator with esteem for top rated pest control in Mississauga is their best bet against mosquitoes.

#4. Massasauga Rattler:

It is a venomous snake with a predominant existence in Ontario. You can find the same snake species across the US. Usually, the Massasauga rattler is eighteenth to thirty inches in length. Plus, it has large dark grey spots all around its body. The most distinguishable part of this snake is its rattle at the end of its tail.

Besides, the Massasauga rattle is a very shy snake that always evades humans. Nonetheless, confronting and threatening this deadly snake can cause it to bite you. Further, most snake bites in Ontario result due to deliberately mishandling of the snake by people. Snake bites also occur when people accidentally step on snakes without the appropriate footwear and clothing.

While trekking in the territory of the Massasauga snake, you should wear protective clothing. Proper hiking boots and jeans will suffice for this purpose and ensure it doesn’t bite you. You should never try to grab a Massasauga snake or come close to it. Most hospitals don’t have anti-venom in stock, as the Massasauga snake is rare in Canada. By the same token, the Massasauga rattler bites result in the deaths of most people.

#5. Yellow Jacket Wasp:

You can find yellow jacket wasps all around Southern Canada. Every year, there are reported cases of wasp stings. Those reported cases include reports of people who are allergic to wasps, plus bees that turn victims to wasp stings. Yellow jacket wasp stings are deadly to people with allergies. Still, it is rare in Canada for someone to die because of wasp stings.

If a yellow jacket wasp stings you, you should get medical attention from the nearest hospital. If you cannot get the treatment instantly, you should remove the stinger from the spot where the wasp has bitten you. Then, place a cold piece of frozen meat in that area. You can use ice, too; still, frozen meat is your best option. If both options are not available to you, use a cold spoon.


Canada is home to some of the most dangerous pests in the world, which can infest your home. Calling the exterminator with a reputation for top rated pest control can protect you from pests. Lastly, the following are the five deadliest pests that people in Canada should remain aware of:

  1. Black Widow Spider
  2. Brown Recluse Spider
  3. Mosquitoes
  4. The Massasauga Rattler
  5. Yellow Jacket Wasps

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