What are the advantages of using shotcrete in construction?

The thing that runs in most first-time home builder’s minds is that it needs to be strong, and placing concrete to achieve is exactly what Shotcrete does. Concrete is such a thing that is very important in the construction industry and applying in the right manner so that it holds up is more important. One can usually form it out of cement, water, gravel, and sand. Other additives introduced adds to its strength, the speed at which it sets in, the color, and how well the mixture flows. But what about the way it’s applied so that it holds up under constant restraint? That’s right, the way you apply to contribute to its strength and durability. Shotcrete is just the thing you need and here what you can get out of using it for your project.

What is Shotcrete?

It is also known as gunite and is used for as specialty concrete or mortar. They are different from regular concrete ; these are sprayed directly on to the surface. You can apply shotcrete either via a machine or manually , it depends on the size of the project. You can choose a wet-mix or dry-mix spraying machine.

What are the Uses of Shotcrete?

It finds application in the following :

  1. When you are constructing a thin wall like curtain walls, then this technique is beneficial
  2. It is good for tunneling
  3. This proves to be a good technique for covering soft rocks
  4. It is used in pre-stressed tanks
  5. This technique finds application repairing or laying new canal and reservoir lining
  6.  For the construction of shell or folded plate roofs.

Benefits of shotcrete-

There Are Innumerable Benefits Of Using Shotcrete Here Are A Few Of Them: 

Excellent Bonding Properties:

Shotcrete has an excellent bonding ability with existing concrete, steel, rock, and other materials. This is, of course, when it is appropriately applied so that the constructional materials exhibit excellent bonding characteristics. However, incorrectly doing this can make conditions much worse for your construction project.

Reduces The Cost Of Projects:

Another benefit you can get out of Shotcrete is the ability to reduce the costs of a project. Many projects can be concluded with a finished exterior of coating for support instead of using rock and ground support. Providing support through other manners can be quite expensive when it comes down to the size of the project being managed.

Build Up Structures In Layers:

If you ever head down to an ongoing construction site, the first thing you notice is countless molds lying around. Concrete used for the construction gets shaped into a structure with the help of such molds. However, this can be time-consuming and eventually you are going to be spending too much money. When you introduce geniting to your building structures, it allows the structure to the built up in layers giving the increasingly popular concrete structures. It is done with the help of spraying concrete from a hose under high pressure. Some of the structure that you may or may not plan on using cannot be built of traditional formwork. So, you may need to step up your game to satisfy either yourself or your clients.

Customized Decorative Structures:

Some architectural pieces catch the eyes and leave us wondering how it would have been possible to get this structure. The conventional techniques were time-consuming, but now we have a more advanced technology which makes this possible. This method of spraying the concrete on the desired structure helps in creating the desired structure that too without consuming too much time.  They find usage in custom decorative structures or even pools, underground tunnels, theme parks, to name a few. There is no limit to it as you can probably use it in any way your imagination and creativity takes you. Also, there is no holding back on strength and durability, so if you’re thinking about introducing to your project, don’t over think it.

Repair Damaged Surfaces:

Another advantage of using this technique is for repairing the damages. Everyone every once in a while, has to face damaged surfaces whether the damage was carried out with intention or not. Repairing these surfaces either involves breaking down the whole thing and starting from scratch or tearing down the whole thing and putting in something new. There are some with creative ideas who find a fix around them, but the rest often have to deal with get it repaired after tearing it down. While repairing some complex damages, the concrete can be directly sprayed on to the damaged area and fix it which is not possible using the conventional methodologies. When you repair it, with this method there not limitation as to where you need to begin with. It doesn’t matter whether is an inch deep or 20 feet, using a high-pressure concrete hosing you can fill in a structure that needs repair without worrying about whether or not they’ll fit together. After hosing down the structure, it can be leveled to fit the structure giving it a complete finish.

Lastly, this is not so that traditional concrete method is incorrect is some applications. With all these sets of advantages and benefits, using this method of concreting proves to be advantageous.

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