Affordable Online Real Estate Courses

Affordable Online Real Estate Courses

If you are one of those who want to pursue their dreams but are unable to due to a lack of guidance, we are here to help you out. Learn from an established, successful real estate developer with three decades of first-hand experience in this field.

Unlike others, we believe in a realistic approach, which is why we offer you affordable online real estate courses.

Our Instructor Story

We have brought three special life-changing packages for you. If you are dedicated to learning, you can get the most out of these packages. As we teach you through our financial expert’s real-life experience.

Your instructor for this course has a touching story. He earned his experience through three decades of trial and error. At the age of twelve, he moved to the United States from Iran. Not only was he alone in a new country, but he had little knowledge of their language, English. At the tender age of 12, after seeing his family’s hardships, he decided to try his luck in different jobs. From selling newspapers to working at Mcdonald’s and ice cream shops, he finally made up his mind to start a real estate business.

Within the first few years of working in real estate, he proved himself a pro and became a millionaire. He has completed nearly 1,000 real estate transactions with a spotless track record. His Golden Rules led him to success, and that is why he wants to teach you these rules to pave your way to success. Throughout this journey, he has changed and positively impacted many lives.

How should I start?

If you have the passion and determination for success, nothing can stop you from achieving this. Our mission is to transform the lives of motivated and committed individuals by providing a step-by-step guide in the form of affordable online real estate courses. These courses offer you the most effective strategies and lessons on real estate investments and redevelopments.

First, you need to get yourself enrolled in the course on a 30-minute call with your instructor and choose one of the three packages. The silver, gold, or platinum packages. The best thing about these courses is that they are online, so you can join us from any part of the globe.

These packages provide you with access to educational videos and PowerPoint presentations. You have the option of self-studying at your own pace. The gold package gives you a chance to have first-hand experience with the real estate world by providing access to a community of private investors. While the Platinum package also provides you with sample letters and emails to send to investors, agents, and sellers in default.

You can learn all this in a step-by-step manner through different modules. Twelve modules encompass a range of lessons, starting from your instructor’s story to the art of converting your flip into a rental and earning a huge profit. Some skills that you get to master after these modules include:

  • Learning how to build rapport quickly and genuinely.
  • Creating long-term quality relationships with your connections with a servant’s heart and preferring quality over quantity.
  • How to find the right real estate agent who can pave the road to success for you by finding you great deals.
  • Exploring the factors you need to consider when purchasing a deal and how to avoid pitfalls.
  • Understand the standard cost of renovations to maximize your investment.
  • Learn tools to identify great deals and how to market your deals to wholesale investors.
  • Recognize various market trends and short-sale processes.
  • Get millions of dollars as a profit on the property redevelopment.
  • Learn how to turn your flip into a rental property for passive income.

Lace yourself up with the tools you need to gain financial freedom by joining our affordable online real estate courses.

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