All About Diamond Drill Bits: Types And Uses

Drill bits are standard tools for drilling holes in different materials like wood, tiles, and walls. Currently, drill bits are classified into different types, each serving a different purpose. The most commonly used drill bits are twisted bits with two flutes spiraling up the sides and a sharp point. Those who work with woods also use brad point bit types. But people are also familiar with the diamond drill bit types. 

If you’re considering using diamond drill bits for your next project, it’s essential to understand how they work and their different uses. By using diamond drill bits, you’ll be able to work on a variety of materials with greater precision and ease, including glass, ceramics, stone, and tiles. The durability of diamond drill bits is especially beneficial when dealing with hard materials that would otherwise require frequent bit replacements. This can ultimately save you both time and money in the long run. 

Diamond Drill Bits 

Diamond drill bits are similar to all other drill bits but have a layer of diamonds over the metal. These drill bits are fabricated with tiny particles of diamond, which makes them effective at cutting through hardened tiles. Diamond drill bits can go or cut through tough surface materials like porcelain, granite, ceramics, and vitrified tiles easily and quickly. Such bits are typically manufactured through electroplating or vacuum brazing. The result is a drill bit that is highly durable, maintaining its sharpness for extended periods of time. This feature makes it an excellent choice for drilling and cutting through hard materials, such as tiles. The vacuum brazed diamond bits have a longer lifespan compared to other types of bits, reducing the need for frequent replacements and improving efficiency. This process creates a strong bond between the diamonds and the bit’s base material, which enhances the bits’ overall strength and resistance to wear and tear. This, in turn, increases the bits’ ability to cut through tougher materials, making them a popular choice for professionals who require a high level of precision and efficiency in their work. 

Types of Diamond Drill Bits 

You can find diamond drill bits with varying sizes and shapes, but blunt nose and core drill bits are the most commonly used types. Core drill bits are typically larger and can create a single plug. 

  • Blunt nose diamond drill bits
  • Core drill diamond drill bits
  • Bonded diamond drill bits
  • Sintered diamond drill bits 

Blunt nose bits will be solid at the tip, layered with diamond particles on the tip and the sides of the tip. Core drill bits, by contrast, are hollow at the tip and feature diamond-shaped jewels along the edge of their tips and slightly upsloping sides near the top. These bits create a complete hole by grinding away around just one side of their tips – like using a sharp knife to cut through something with a round middle rather than slicing through it. Bonded diamond drill bits feature diamonds bonded to the edges of the drill bit tip using an electroplating process. These bits are typically used for slow-speed drilling operations and tend to be moderately priced. Over time, due to the hardness and abrasiveness of the material being drilled, the diamonds will eventually wear off of the bit. 

Diamond bits sintered directly into the steel tip – sintered diamond drill bits last longer than those with embedded diamonds. However, these drill bits are more expensive and slower acting. Some sintered diamond drill bits can be used on metal and concrete but only according to the specific manufacturer’s recommendations. Diamond drills made from this type of bit are generally high-speed tools and have a longer lifespan; however, they can also be expensive.

Uses of Diamond Drill Bits 

Diamond drill bits serve many purposes and are helpful when drilling on hard surfaces (considered hard while using other types of drilling bits). It is highly effective while drilling ceramic, glass, porcelain, stone, granite, marble, etc. The diamond powder or particles embedded in the bit gives it additional power for cutting and drilling. Diamond drill bits can be cylindrical and twisted; they are mainly used for bathroom applications where you need to make holes through tiles to mount towel racks. The small-sized drill bits are used by jewelers for drilling into materials like beads and by watch-makers for drilling very small holes. These drill bits are ideal for drilling the following materials. 

  • Most types of glasses – sea glass, fused glass, etc.
  • Hard stones – gemstones, rocks, pebbles, etc.
  • Tiles – porcelain, ceramic, etc.
  • Shells, bones, antlers, fossils 


Everyone knows that diamond is the hardest material; thus, it can cut almost all materials. It is also used for making precise small holes in jewelry and other stones. Apart from that, diamond drill bits also offer several advantages, like leaving less debris, being cost-effective (as it lasts long), environmental-friendly, etc.


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