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Beautiful Indoor Plants To Buy If You’re Plant Lover

The best types of people are those who value nature! You may have noticed, but plant enthusiasts worldwide share similar characteristics. Most nature lovers keep indoor plants to surround themselves with mother nature’s warmth because they love nature, are kind hearted, and mostly want to see greenery around them. These people deserve the best in everything they choose, including a lovely plant for interior décor.

Finding indoor plants is not difficult, but figuring out where to put them can be difficult. Making room for plants might be challenging, but if you ask us, we think placing your plant atop a table is the most elegant. Isn’t it soothing to picture yourself relaxing with a book and a lovely plant on your side table? The problem is that not all plants are appropriate for tabletops. Here is your guide to some online plants that are ideal to be gifted and placed on top of a table to help create that peaceful, lovely atmosphere for your home. 

Star Cactus 

This perennial plant, also known as Haworthia Retusa, has a thick, nearly transparent appearance. Its green star-shaped rosettes have a glossy finish and are colored green. It functions best if you have a window close to your desk because it must be exposed to sunlight for extended periods during the day. Avoid over-watering the Star Cactus by taking proper care of it. 


The enormously diversified family of plants known as bromeliads is most recognized for its gorgeous, long-lasting flower and breathtaking leaves. As a result of their propensity to flourish under artificial light, bromeliads are frequently found growing in hotel lobbies, retail centers, and office buildings. Research to ensure you get a bromeliad that will thrive in the space you are constructing because bromeliad care requirements differ depending on the species. Some bromeliads are epiphytes, which means they can be creatively hung for show and do not need soil to thrive. 

Devil’s Ivy 

The scientific name for Devil’s Ivy, an evergreen vine table plant, is Epipremnum aureum. These indoor table plants have leaves that frequently resemble hearts and range in color from bright green with white splotches to a much darker shade of green. This kind of table plant can readily live in both low and high light circumstances, making them suitable as both table plants for offices and great table plants for homes. It will look wonderful on your office desk or living room coffee table. 

 ZZ Plant 

Zamioculcas zamiifolia are renowned for being adaptable and unbreakable. They are indigenous to the rocky soils of East Africa and thrive in a warm, humid environment. Their underground tubers, where they store a tonne of water, are strong enough to break a ceramic pot if potbound, and their stems are frequently referred to as feathers! It has been demonstrated by science that ZZ plants may eliminate airborne toxins. ZZ plants are most suited for strong indirect light, although they can also thrive in lesser light levels, contributing to their popularity. 

Lucky Bamboo 

Who doesn’t need a little luck before a client meeting? According to Chinese custom, the more stalks this variety of bamboo has, the luckier it is. Lucky bamboo plants can tolerate low light levels and grow slowly, so you don’t have to worry about it taking over your workstation. It is the ideal feng shui boost. If you keep the stems submerged in water, lucky bamboo may survive without soil. It’s a perfect indoor plant online that can be gifted without any doubt. Tip: Some people use wires to twist the stems into amusing forms like spirals and hearts as they grow, making them much more entertaining. 

Polka Dot Plant 

The vibrant polka dot plants add an unexpected pop of color to any shelf or tabletop. Although the pink tint of these little plants is their most prominent feature, they are now also available in different hues. Even though it prefers indirect light, if your plant still needs to be more colorful, it can tolerate some direct sunlight during the day. Remember to move it back out of the sun to prevent scorched leaves. You can also order this indoor plant online as a Valentine’s day gift for your loved one. 

Which plant from the choices below are you going to pick? Whatever you decide, it will undoubtedly look nice on your desk. And if you are worried about the upkeep, consider this. When you water your plants and see them growing day by day instead of them dying like flowers, it will feel peaceful! Indoor plants are an ideal yet the best gift you can give your loved one this Valentine’s day. 

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