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Building Tricks and Tips for A Beautiful Home

Whether it’s your first one or your fifteenth, the enthusiasm of building a home is always through the roof (pun intended!). As you go along, adorably annoying mishaps like spilled paint, lack of building blocks or a hole in the drywall will turn into one of those home building anecdotes but other, bigger accidents should be avoided at all costs because they’ll not only cost you a lot of money, but they may be dangerous for the workers and you, too.

To avoid major oversights, stay on schedule and build a home you’ll fall in love with, follow the steps below to get informed and inspired.

Plan ahead

Not that you didn’t know that building a house needs a plan, but it doesn’t harm to remind you how crucial it is to have everything sorted out in detail. Apart from covering your budget calculations, builder fees, hiring an architect and similar essentials (you did do all these things, right?), think about the big picture when approaching your home building plan by asking yourself the following:

  • Will our family be expanding?
  • Do we love the location?
  • Is Sydney where you want to live till the rest of your life, or will you be selling?
  • Is it a place to entertain or have a simple, quiet life?
  • Are we in a good neighbourhood?
  • How far from public transport are we located?

Answer these questions and you’ll know whether to immediately start with the works or change your plan entirely.

Code: safety

No matter how gorgeous your home is already or is going to be, it’s worth nothing unless you are feeling safe in it. This is particularly related to the outskirts of big cities, wilder areas or big cities alone. Exterior lighting, fire exits, a security system, fire alarms, gateway locks, etc. go a long way.

Keep it affordable

Size matters – in all segments of life, and housing as well. The bigger the home, the bigger expenses so before you dive in, try to make a solid and objective calculation on how much you’ll be spending on building or upgrading your home, in total. Property taxes, mortgage payments, maintenance and utilities and other similar costs are just a few things to think about but that doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to something so small that it would be impossible to sell/remodel/expand later. Talk to professional builders about making your home building plan as affordable as possible. Also, consult with them on the overall space you’ve got or intend to build, and ways you can manipulate it to your benefit (now or later). It wouldn’t harm if you consulted with them on the type of materials, fixtures and other building/upgrading specifications that would help you save money but still stay on the quality side.

Invest in insulation

Sure, you like your home warm in winter and cool in summer, but you don’t like footing THAT bill, right? We hear you. The reason most homes are spending too much money on their heating/cooling bill is due to bad insulation (or no insulation at all). Leaks, holes, low-quality woodwork, etc. are all potential causes of your home draining you of your hard-earned cash. So, to put an end to this nonsense, invest in proper insulation for your home and see your wallet thicken. Fix the space around doors and windows, repair holes in the floor and walls, close the attic and insulate it, etc. and you’ll be set.

Choose high-quality materials

Trying to save as much as possible when building a home is great but being cheap while building one is a hassle in the long run. To get the best value for your money and live in a home that’ll last for a long time and won’t need much investment along the way (in terms of changes, constant repairs, etc), make sure the materials you buy are of good quality and come from reputable suppliers. Consider everything from the framing you choose to interior linings.

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