DeSantis and Disney: A Controversial Relationship

The relationship between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Walt Disney World has been the subject of controversy in recent years. While the governor has been a vocal supporter of the theme park and its economic impact on the state, his policies and actions have raised concerns among some Disney fans and employees.

DeSantis’ Support for Disney

Governor desantis disney has been a staunch supporter of Walt Disney World and its role in Florida’s economy. In 2020, he praised the theme park for its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and urged other businesses to follow its example. He has also been instrumental in securing tax breaks for the park and other tourism-related industries.

Criticism of DeSantis’ Policies

Despite his support for Disney, Governor DeSantis’ policies and actions have come under fire from some Disney fans and employees. In 2020, he vetoed a bill that would have provided unemployment benefits to theme park employees during periods of extended shutdowns. He has also been criticized for his handling of the pandemic, including his decision to reopen the state early and his resistance to mask mandates and other safety measures.

Controversy Over Disney’s Relationship with DeSantis

Disney’s relationship with Governor DeSantis has also been the subject of controversy. Some fans and employees have criticized the company for appearing to align itself too closely with the governor, particularly in light of his controversial policies. Others have pointed out that Disney has a history of supporting politicians of both parties and that its relationship with DeSantis is no different.

The Future of Disney’s Relationship with DeSantis

As Florida’s economy continues to recover from the pandemic, the relationship between Walt Disney World and Governor DeSantis is likely to remain a topic of debate. While some may question the company’s decision to align itself with the governor, others will continue to appreciate his support for the theme park and the tourism industry as a whole.


The relationship between Governor DeSantis and Walt Disney World is complex and controversial, with both supporters and critics on all sides. As the state moves forward, it remains to be seen how this relationship will evolve and whether it will continue to be a topic of debate in the years to come.

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