Health and Wellbeing: How to Keep Your Workplace Safe

When it comes to the workplace, health and wellbeing should be your utmost priority. A healthy workforce is a productive workforce, and employees who are healthy and well are less likely to take sick days. Whether you employ hundreds of workers or a handful of employees, providing a safe environment for them to work in will help reduce the risk of accidents occurring at work. Here are a few top tips to help you keep your workplace safe and well.

Safe Work Environment

The most fundamental way to provide a safe environment for your team to work in is to perform regular building checks. Make sure everything is in good condition. A minor issue such as loose floor tiles could cause an employee to trip and fall. While a rickety chair could be the reason someone develops a bad back and takes time off work. Regular checks can help you identify general wear and tear issues and resolve them before they cause serious injury. Besides general checks, make sure any major equipment you use undergoes all necessary checks. If your staff are required to handle certain equipment as part of their day-to-day role, it is your job to ensure the equipment is safe for them to handle.

Health and Safety Training

Keep your employees safe by incorporating health and safety training in their induction. When it comes to occupational health and safety, make sure you are compliant with government requirements. For those who manage factories or warehouses, you need to make sure your staff members are fully educated on how to use heavy machinery before operating them. Not only will training help them stay safe, it also ensures they are fully capable of doing their job.

First Aid Supplies

First aid training in the workplace will ensure your employees are knowledgeable of what to do when accidents occur. Besides providing training, you need to make sure your workplace is equipped with medical supplies and that they are kept in an accessible place. Create a first aid station or install metal first aid cabinets in areas that are easy to reach, and make sure they are always fully stocked. By keeping your first aid supplies in one place, your workplace will always be prepared for emergencies.

Workplace Personal Protective Equipment

Workplace personal protective equipment, or PPE, differs depending on your place of work. In an office environment, your employees could benefit from computer glasses as they can help reduce glare and eye strain. On a construction site, the inhalation of toxic particles is a very real issue. Providing dusk masks can help keep your workers well. Not to mention, appropriate headgear can prevent serious head injuries from occurring and earplugs can offer protection in loud environments.

Appropriate Workwear

PPE also includes workwear. This includes high-visibility clothing to help employees remain visible in busy spaces and protective footwear such as steel toe boots. Providing appropriate workwear can help keep people safe and stop accidents from happening.

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