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How Is Roofing Considered A Dangerous Job

Nowadays, one can find hundreds of roofers and roofing companies in their local area. Every homeowner needs a roofer to perform roof installation, replacement, repairing and maintenance. The licensed roofers are considered genuine and are the most trusted one. Everyone needs a roofer, but people merely realize how dangerous roofing can be. Every stage of the roofing project includes high risk, from climbing the ladder to set up the workspace on the roof. From burns to volatile tars and chemicals, electrocution from contact with exposed power lines, and injuries from falling and from other roofing debris are just a few of the risks roofers face each day.

The job is demanding physically as well as mentally. Moreover, the roofing business is considered one of the ten most dangerous jobs in the world. Most of the people don’t understand why roofing is considered dangerous. Here are some of the reasons which make roofing perilous.

#1. There is always a danger of falling

While performing the roofing projects there are high chances of falling. Performing a job at the height without proper safety measures is always dangerous. The weather and climate are the factors which also increases the chances. According to the reports, the roofers are more likely to slip and fall if they work in rainy and slippery areas. Even expert roofers have had near-death experiences with falling below. Dealing with tons of equipment on the roof and making multiple trips from the roof to the ground involves risk. Climbing ladders and working at heights is a recipe for disaster which makes roofing one of the most dangerous jobs.

#2. They work in extreme condition

Most of the people contact the roofer or roofing company when their roof has suffered the maximum damage. When roofers get on the roof to carry out the repairing project there’s likely a wide range of missing asphalt shingles or curled shingles. If they step into the wrong place and lose their footing, they could fall and severely injure themselves. They can even fall through homes if enough damage has been done in one particular area. Getting on the damaged roof for inspection is highly dangerous as you need to carry out your work without knowing about the danger.

The danger is high for the roofers who are new. Sometimes they suddenly become afraid of heights and situation like this lead to dangerous accidents. Roofs are never completely flat and easy to work with. If the roofer judges the surrounding area badly, they are in for quite a fall.

#3. A little mistake can be dangerous

Even a minor mistake done by roofer can lead to death or severe injury. An improper work is not only dangerous for the health of roof but also the roofer. If the roofer fails to clearly judge the surrounding, there are high chances of any fatal injury.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to hire who are professional and licensed. The well-trained roofers take the required precautions like proper clothing, boots and roofing tools. The licensed roofing contractors provide their workers with correct clothing for working outdoors and at heights. They are well trained about weather and have tools that facilitate safe working. Moreover, they follow best practice when positioning ladders and moving around the roof.

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