Keyboards for Accountants

Are you an accountant working for a corporation or on a freelancing basis? Then you must be using a computer keyboard extensively to play with numbers, transactions and other data.

If that is the case and if you best keyboard kits almost your entire day then it only makes sense that you have the right tools for your trade.

Essentially, there is no specialized keyboard for accountants. However, there are a few features that we look into when suggesting a keyboard to someone who types or punches numbers all day long.

Most of these features are catered toward the speed and the comfort factor. Speed is important for efficiency and getting your work done quickly and comfort is important for prolonged worked hours to save your from strains and improve your endurance.

In this article, we will review some of the best keyboards for accountants. We will look at options from different price tags and feature sets.

Keyboards for Accountants:

1. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic

 First up we have a very popular option among those who appreciate a comfortable ergonomic design at a fairly affordable price tag.

Basically, this is an ergonomic keyboard with a best diy keyboard kits design and an arc in the middle. If you are migrating from a normal keyboard, then this keyboard may require some getting used to.

However, if you seek comfort provided through the natural wrist positioning, then this is certainly something that you can look into.

One of the best aspect about this keyboard that we highly like is that it has a separate numpad. This can come in quite handy for accountants as they can place it anywhere they like for comfortable usage.

The combination of the price, ergonomic layout and the functional design with a separate numpad in our opinion makes this the best keyboard for accountants.

This keyboard is wireless and it connects via separate USB dongle provided. It does NOT connect via the Bluetooth.

It should be noted that the keys on this are somewhat higher in profile. They essentially large rubber domed switches. Hence, while speed may not be the fastest here, it can certainly improve your accuracy.

2. Logitech Ergo K860

Here we have another best osu keyboard. However, unlike the Microsoft Sculpt we saw earlier above, this one is a premium keyboard with a premium price tag.

So what makes this keyboard different from the one above? For starters, this keyboards speakers of quality from all corners.

From its compact construction to its thick cushioned palm rest. This is a keyboard designed for marathon accounting work.

The true beauty of this keyboard, however, lies in the construction of its keys.

It is hard to find low profile keys on ergonomic keyboard. This keyboard, however, feature low profile and quite keys with very low actuation points.

The lower the keys, the faster is your typing. But, low profile keys are also inaccurate. This keyboard tackles that issue by incorporating scooped center on the keys which allow for a much greater accuracy when typing quickly.

Other than that, this keyboard CAN connect via Bluetooth connection and does NOT require a separate USB dongle to be attached.

3. Logitech G613 LIGHTSPEED

Here we have one of the most famous and a defining keyboard for its class. This is a rare Wireless mechanical keyboard particularly designed for typing comfort.

It is quite difficult to find mechanical keyboards with wireless capability since most of them are wired. This is because since mechanical keyboards are catered mostly to gamers, they are wired to reduce the input lag.

While input lag is generally an issue for very fast typists on wireless keyboards, this keyboard tackles that by having a very fast 1ms response rate, hence the name Lightspeed.

Mechanical keyboards are generally defined by the type of key switches they use. Some are clickly, some are tactile while others are linear that make very little noise.

This particular keyboard features proprietary Logitech Romer G switches which are light, have a short actuation points, but they can generate a bit of clicky noise. Hence, for very quite shared office settings, this may not be the best. But for personal office, this may work well for you.

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