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Ten Home Decor Ideas for A Prettier Home

Whether you’re freshening up your decor or moving into a new place, you deserve a beautiful space full of thoughtful touches. This list of ten home decor ideas will help you make your home all yours, no matter your budget or space limitations. Happy decorating!

#1. Flowers

Flowers give any home a fresh, clean vibe, especially when paired with beautiful vases in eye-catching locations. Prime real estate for flowers is by the front door when you walk in and in the kitchen—guests are more likely to notice bouquets right when they walk in. Don’t break the bank every week buying new flowers when faux flowers often look just like the real thing and require zero maintenance.

#2. Mirrors

Restaurants and stores use mirrors to trick us all the time: they make rooms look infinitely bigger with more depth. Use this trick to brighten up smaller rooms and narrow hallways by giving the illusion that there’s more space and light. Plus, you can find gorgeous statement mirrors that are artwork all on their own!

#3. Framed Quotes

There’s nothing quite as heartwarming and inspirational than seeing your favorite messages framed on your walls; luckily, framed quotes are also a stylish decorating trick that helps you set the tone of your rooms. You have tons of beautiful options for popular sayings, or you can simply make and frame your unique words.

#4. Fabric Door Pulls

Ditch the boring old metal hardware, and instead opt for fabric door pulls on cabinets in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. Your cabinets will look quaint, and guests will marvel over your creativity! Simply wrap a knob in any patterned fabric, cut off the excess, and cover the knob in glue to attach your fabric. So simple!

#5. Colored Blinds

For some reason, people seem to think white blinds or wooden blinds are the only way to go when dressing their windows. Instead opt for colored blinds in any style, which immediately make your windows pop and brings out subtle accent colors in your decorating scheme.

#6. Wallpapered Shelves

Give your tired shelves a makeover with patterned wallpaper: simply glue a lovely paper to the backs of your shelving units, like bookcase or cabinets, and you’ll be surprised at how much more vibrant your rooms seem.

#7. Decorative Pillows

Decorative pillows are must haves for couches, armchairs, and beds, but finding the right one for your décor can be tricky. Create your own unique pillowcases out of old throws, sequined club dresses, shawls—whatever you have that might be exactly the pattern you’re looking for to complete your room. Converting the fabric into a pillowcase is so simple with an easy tutorial.

#8. Propped Art

If you enjoy mixing things up, move your art off the walls and onto the floor: propping up your larger artwork against walls is so modern and fabulous, you’ll wish you thought of it sooner. If you have children or pets, you can prop up the art on a stand or low shelf to get just as much of an interesting and unexpected look.

#9. Color-Blocking Paint

Painting your rooms all one color is last year. Spice up your walls, ceilings and doors with modern color-blocking, a neat way to paint sections of wall in geometric cutouts. You can experiment with different colors and shapes, and the best part is that if it doesn’t turn out, you can easily repaint it!

#10. Rugs

Nothing makes a house feel more cozy and warm than endless soft, plush rugs. Ditch the giant Persian rug for several smaller, interesting rugs with unique patterns, colors and fabrics and place them in unexpected places for a shabby-chic, comfy vibe.

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