The Best Eye Care Advice from Optometrists

Your eyes are one of the most essential sense organs that help you visualize the surroundings and enhance your beauty as well. The eyes are also one of the most delicate parts of your body and require you to take good care of it. But with each passing day, people are getting more occupied with their work and because of this constraint of time, they become unable to take proper care of their eyes. But, even after being occupied with your work, you must manage to spare some time for the good maintenance of your eyes. This article is being presented to you to enlighten you about what optometrists suggest for better care of your eyes.

The following are five pieces of advice given by optometrists which you should follow.

#1. Routine check-ups:

According to an optometrist, you must visit eye clinics for check-ups every 6 months. You should go through a comprehensive examination performed by optometrist so that if there is any kind of problem like cataract is occurring, it can be diagnosed at the initial stage and you suffer as less as possible. Also, any change in the optical power of your eye must be diagnosed so that you can use the suitable spectacle or contact lens for the better functioning of your eyes and also for a better vision.

#2. Reduce exposure to UV rays:

According to optometrists, you should avoid direct exposure of your eyes to UV rays. You should wear sunglasses whenever you go out in the sun so that your eyes avoid exposure to UV rays. Also, your sunglass must be able to block 95% of the UV rays and not only enhance your beauty!

#3. Less usage of digital devices:

It is really hard to use fewer digital devices because most of the things done today are by using a computer and other electronic and electrical gadgets. But optometrists advise that after sitting in front of a computer or using a smartphone for 20 minutes, you should look at a distant object about 20 feet away from you for 20 seconds and resume your work. Also, an improper balance of brightness and light significantly adds to eye damage.

#4. Eat vegetables rich in vitamin A:

Vegetables are a source of vitamin A which according to optometrists is of paramount importance for the eyes to function well. Your intake of green vegetables should also be increased in the diet you follow. Have more or carrots and mangos as they are rich sources of vitamin A. Also, fatty acids, vitamin C, and other nutrients should also be rich in your diet.

#5. Maintain your eye wears:

Just like your eyes, you are also advised to take good care of the eyes wears. Moreover, people tend to wear contact lenses and other eyewear for fashion and styling purposes, but even if it is the case, one must consult an optometrist before making use of these things.

So, the above were five pieces of advice the optometrist generally offers to a person. In addition to this, they also ask a person to exercise regularly as it increases blood circulation and that can lead to better functioning of the eyes. Eyes should be washed with clean water as it keeps the eyes free from germs. According to eye experts’ cold water can clean dirt from the eyes and lead to less damage to the eyes. So, for the better functioning of one of the most important sense organs, spare a few moments from your day-to-day life and follow what the optometrists suggest.

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