Things You Should Know About Bathroom Waterproofing

Over the time, designer bathrooms are becoming a fashion or we can say a trend. A great amount of care is taken while designing the bathrooms and you can find designer bathrooms in all the extravagant and exotic houses. Different types of designs is used in the bathrooms, which depends upon the homeowner and the suitability in the bathroom. Now, every small thing is considered while designing the bathroom right from the walls, flooring, mirrors, and choosing the right kind of basins and bathtubs. Much thought is given to aesthetics while designing the bathrooms.

So, the question is when so much time, energy, and money is spent on the design of the bathroom, why can’t homeowners take steps to preserve it and prevent it from getting spoiled. Most of the time, homeowner neglects waterproofing in the bathroom, it is considered a small and unimportant thing. However, neglecting this small thing, gradually, leads to spoiling of the overall design of the bathroom and constant exposure to the moisture can lead to leakage.

Tips on Bathroom Waterproofing

There are many steps and options that one should consider while bathroom waterproofing. The most important thing is to consult an expert.  Mostly, homeowner neglects bathroom problems as a small problem, and later regrets it. It is because that small problem has spoiled the design of the bathroom. Experts are the right person to identify the problems and they have a better solution rather than temporary remedies. They are the best to plug these bathroom leaks.

The common ways to plug the leaks are – fixing the plumbing lines, sealing up the cracks in the tiles and on the walls, and lastly fixes the right fixtures for sanitary ware. This process is very simple by only identifying the root cause of the problem. Bathroom waterproofing is now easy with wide varieties of material available in the market.

Here are some common areas where most of the time waterproofing is needed

  • Pipelines that opens near the wall and the floors
  • Most of the concealed pipes such as PVC pipes and pipe joints
  • The tile grouts where the tiles are not properly joined
  • Shower waterproofing, wash basins, and bathtubs
  • Jambs on the bathroom doors

Major reasons for leakage are lack of the awareness in people about bathroom waterproofing and lack of knowledge about selecting the right product for waterproofing. A common mistake made while constructing a bathroom is that a proper slope isn’t provided which leads to accumulation of water near the output point which adds to the leakage. This dampens the wall and leads to accumulation of algae and dirt between the tile joints. If this problem is still neglected it will further lead to the growth of fungi, which will be harmful for the house members and residents living below that floor. This situation takes almost 15 days of repairing and the cost for repairing is very high.

Advantages of bathroom waterproofing

The major problem is of water seepage and addressing it with some solution as soon as possible is mandatory. Waterproofing prevents infiltration of water into the house. It also helps to contain humidity and it protects from damages caused by humidity and water exposure. Bathroom waterproofing enhances up the market value by adding up the life to the design, which remains the same even after years.

Hence, waterproofing over infiltration, projections, and tile joints using good quality materials will give leakage free bathrooms and toilets and this is a cost-effective solution. Thus, a systematic and planned approach in curbing the leaks will provide healthy and comfortable living conditions in the future.

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