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Types of Keyboards

You might be surprised to find out there is a whole range of different types of keyboards out there. In fact, you can find one optimized for almost any situation. Each one has a different number of keys.

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Full-Size Keyboards

If you want to have your numeric pad built into your device, having a full-size keyboard should be an option you keep in mind. A full-size keyboard will include all of the input options that you need.

You’ll have 104 keys total with 100 percent keyboards. These are excellent beginner keyboards, as well.

Non-Standard Keyboards

There is a wide variety of smaller keyboards on the market, especially when looking at modernized desktop computer keyboards. They have more specialized functions than your standard keyboards. For professionals, special characters and specialized PC keyboards are a must.

Some of them don’t even include a numeric pad. Instead, you only have the number input keys through the top row combined with your function keys row. The type drastically changes the number of keys. For example, a TKL keyboard has 87 keys total, while a 60 percent has a modest 61 keys.

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