Nephrology Medical Billing

3 Ways To Ease Nephrology Medical Billing

Efficient billing procedures can significantly improve your bottom line of practice. It is necessary to adhere to the prescribed code to comply with HIPAA regulations, as failure could result in refused claims and fines. All private payers, not only Medicare, are guilty of this non-compliance. Make sure your clinic has well-trained nephrology medical billing staff, and submit the required paperwork promptly.

How will Nephrology Medical Billing Edge your Business?

Practitioners are almost always on the go to care for patients from one location to another. This is particularly true for nephrologists who must travel from one location to another to administer dialysis and carry out challenging treatments for patients with chronic kidney disease. 

Nephrologists should also deal with the time-consuming process of filing claims for each patient receiving dialysis. And to enhance nephrology-specific account receivables, you require specific claim procedures to handle proficiently.

To help you deal with Medical Billing services and ease your  practice, they will be giving the following extra benefits:

1. Instantaneous Eligibility

To submit a claim to the payers, it is crucial to have correct and comprehensive information regarding the patient’s coverage and insurance plans. You are supposed to invest a lot of time in the coverage verification process, which could lead to problems with reimbursement if not claimed correctly.

Here, nephrology billing services give instant patient eligibility. Your front office management can check the status of the following:

  • Patients  coverage
  • Co-pay
  • Benefits of Insurance
  • Co-insurance 

2. Submission of Claims Electronically

As previously said, we understand that it must be hard to spend time filing claims individually for each of your patients. But you submit claims for dialysis patients while utilizing standard billing software. Now you can submit many claims for payment using special medical billing software for nephrology.

For example, You can submit claims for all 20 level 4 patients who are being seen by the provider and are covered by Health Insurance with only one click.

3. Nephrology Billing Software

Doctors use it for more than only providing real-time claim verification or forgoing the tedious procedures of completing individual claims for the same insurer. It determines the discrepancy between the care provided and the reimbursed claims; you can also use them to find revenue and RCM gaps.

Providers can control and maximize revenue by distinguishing between payers of mid-month and end-month invoicing. 

How does Nephrology Billing software “ Nephrolytx” helps you?

Nephrolytx is a specially designed Nephrology medical billing software for ESRD and non-ESRD patient care, a significant breakthrough in this field. You can get the following additional benefits from Nephrology billing software

  1. Nephrolytx can track the list of visits and patient rounds with advanced dialysis tracking. it can also remind you to make claims for monthly payments receivable and to schedule monthly visits.
  1. Whether you are; consulting, inspecting, or treating any kidney disorders, using custom templates will improve your workflow. 
  1. For efficient care delivery, Comprehensive Dialysis Reporting will identify patients who have completed the four-session threshold visits.
  1. Through a patient portal, a patient can access 
  • Vital signs
  • Book appointments
  • View test results
  • Follow their medical history
  • Send and receive HIPAA-compliant messages
  • Fill out online surveys.

Using the Trans Capture app on mobile phones, you can stay connected to EHR systems and receive billing specific to your expertise. With this, your smartphone will retrieve patient information whenever and wherever you want.

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