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Decluttering and Organizing Your Home Will Benefit Your Kids

Decluttering and organizing go hand in hand, but there are significant differences between them. Decluttering includes admitting that we have too many things which we need to get rid of. How we’re going to do it doesn’t matter, as long as we free ourselves from them. Garage sales, giving things to charity or friends or throwing away broken items that can’t be repurposed – these are all good ways to get rid of things that are just cluttering your precious space. Organizing is a step that comes after – once you declutter and clean the space, it’s time to create a functional system and find a perfect place for all things that you have.

One thing that decluttering and organizing have in common is that they both have numerous benefits for your whole family. This might come as a surprise, but “simple” things such as getting rid of the junk and organizing your living space can teach your kids lots of lessons they’ll be thankful for.

Cleaning and family ties are allies

Most of us are in a constant hurry – to get to and from work, to make dinner, wash the dishes, rest and prepare ourselves for the following day. What about spending quality time with your family? One of the main benefits of having fewer things laying around the house is that you’ll have less to clean. Decluttered and well-organized space means less dust and quicker maintenance – and less house chores mean more time spent with your children. Quality time spent with your family builds strong bonds and your kids will thank you for this – now, as well as in the future.

Cleaning will help greening

Decluttering, cleaning and organizing bring some material benefits too. If you’re thinking about selling your place and moving to a bigger house, you can easily add value to your home without any investments. A makeover of your home can be done in several ways and most of them require spending money. Without spending a dime, you can show your buyers a perfectly organized and spotless home and make sure that you get the highest possible price for it. This way you’ll be able to afford more than you were hoping for – and your kids will grow up in even bigger and more beautiful house.

Junk needs to be sunk

Why is decluttering so important? It proves that we don’t need an abundance of stuff to make us happy. Some people just can’t let go of their clutter and they let things they don’t need control their lives. By letting go of all the junk and the excess stuff, you teach your kids that things are not meant to be bought for fun only. Also, they’ll learn the difference between things that they need and don’t need and they’ll be thankful for the toys and clothes that they own. It’s not a secret that giving too much (unnecessary and expensive things) may spoil them and becoming minimalist might be a good prevention.

Organization is elation

Staying organized is an ongoing practice and at the beginning, it requires some discipline. Only later, it becomes a habit. This is the key benefit to your children. By including them in organizing your house, you’re creating a good base for the future. It’s more likely that they will grow up to be organized and stick to their healthy routine. Clutter makes us distracted and decluttering and organizing reduces stress and leads to a more productive life in all fields. They’ll know where their things are, how to set their goals and take care of the work that needs to be done.

More space just in case

If your home is dirty and cluttered, inviting guests can be an unpleasant experience. If you keep your home clean and organized, you’ll surely receive your kids’ friends without fear that it will be too messy and unsafe for them. Having a decluttered home brings one huge benefit for the whole family – more space. This means that your kids will have a larger and much safer playground. After their playmates go home, you can continue with your family routine and pick up the toys together. Always have in mind that your kids are looking up to you and you’re the one who is supposed to teach them these good practices. By being raised in a clutter-free home, they’ll become happier, healthier and more organized adults.

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