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Steps to Select the Appropriate Fly Screen for Your Home

Every house or building is likely to get dust particles and insects like flies and mosquitoes through the doors and windows over the time. A fly screen or wire mesh allows proper light and ventilation while playing a crucial role in blocking the harmful insects and bugs from entering the house. A fly screen for windows is must for every house.

However, not all window screening is alike! Based on the type of material and the speciality, here are the diverse types of screening to consider./p>

What Are the Diverse Types of Fly Screen?

There are several forms of window screens available and the most popular ones amongst them are:

  • Standard fiberglass screening: Fiberglass mesh is one of the most commonly used screening material types. The fiberglass yarn is vinyl-coated and comes in a variety of options to suit the color scheme of the house. This screen is rust free and durable.
  • Aluminum mesh: This has been the most preferred type of window screen. It is also considered as the original window screening material. As the name implies, it is a metal mesh weaved out of aluminium wire. Unlike fiberglass, it does not stretch and tear easily. It may either have a natural metallic finish or come in black or dark grey color options.
  • Solar insect screening: The solar bug screens are made of special fabric. The main purpose of this fly screen for windows is to block sunlight from entering the room directly. It provides good outward visibility and comes in black color.
  • Stainless steel screening: A similar yet slightly costlier option of screening is stainless steel screen. It is durable and carries all the core advantages of stainless steel.
  • Flexible screening: Flexible screens make use of materials, such are fiberglass or other fiber material. In exceptional cases, when rigid and traditional insect screen cannot be used, it gets replaced by flexible screen. When not in use, it can be peeled back to one side to feel the openness.
  • Glass-shield screening: This screen type is better known as Florida Glass screen in the industry. As the name suggests, glass-shield fly window screen comprises of the fiberglass wire mesh along with a lamination of vinyl polyester.

How Will the Fly Screen Be Used?

Another major step is to decide how are you going to use the fly screen for windows in your home. For example, if you are planning to install them at each window at the outdoor area then the aluminium screens can do the trick because they are lightweight and easy to maintain when compared to other alternatives. On the other hand, if the house is situated in a windy area or is prone to storm and extreme climatic conditions then special mesh systems of metal with a combination of retractable screens is often recommended.

So, once you have plan to have the screen do consider the climate and other conditions that is going to be exposed to and then take your decision accordingly.

Choice Between Manual & Motorized Fly Screens

The third step is to know whether you need manual or motorized fly screen for windows. The motorized options can be handy choice, as they can be closed or opened with the touch of a button. However, the manual ones are equally good because they are easy to use, and can be opened as much little as you want. As one might expect, the manual fly screen is cheaper compared to the motorized ones, but at the end of the day it comes down to the preferences that you have.

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