How to Contact Stubhub in Its Entirety

How to Contact Stubhub in Its Entirety

StubHub makes it easy to purchase and sell tickets,
It may be a hassle to figure out how to contact them if you run into any problems.
We’ve listed (and tried out) the best methods to get in touch with Stubhub Contact in the event that you need to make a complaint, request a refund, or receive assistance.
Learn more here about how to reach out to StubHub if you have any questions.

Several Important Facts To Consider

Get in touch with StubHub’s helpful staff by dialing 1-866-788-2482.
You may reach StubHub’s one and only customer support line at 1-866-788-2482, regardless of where in the globe you may be.
Even if StubHub doesn’t have a chat feature, you may always send them a direct message on Facebook or Twitter.
If your event is cancelled or if StubHub makes a mistake, you will get a refund.
You can also buy your tickets in low prices from Stubhub Coupon


The StubHub helpline is staff Monday through Friday, 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM (PST).
Stubhub Contact formerly infamously lengthy wait times and generally difficult contact methods are mostly a thing of the past.
Do you want to skip the robotic menu? Press:
If you have a complaint about the tickets you purchased, please read on.
Please contact us if you have any issues with the ticket purchase process.
If you’ve already sold tickets but are running into trouble.
If you have concerns regarding the ticket listing process, please contact us.

Pro Tip

It seems that each of the digits corresponds to a distinct division.
Press 4 to connect to a live operator if you need to speak to someone quickly.

Social Media

StubHub won’t publicly reply to your complaint since the comments section of their postings are usually full with consumers who are equally frustrate.
However, they often respond to direct messages.
If you contact them by message, you should expect an answer within the next few hours.

There is far more user engagement on Stubhub Contact Facebook page than on Twitter.
While it might indicate absolutely nothing, it could also be an indication that Facebook could soon outpace Twitter in the realm of social media.

Twitter DM Stubhub’s Customer Care.

Stubhub Contact has two Twitter accounts, but @TeamStubHub is for customer service. DM them and they’ll respond.
There is a second Twitter account that serves as a hub for company-wide updates and announcements.
Try the alternative page if you don’t receive a response from the customer support account.

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The email address was remove from Stubhub Contact website, so you may not get a reply.
Conversely, maybe if fewer people are emailing them, you’ll get a lot faster response.

Email may the best option for getting more specific assistance if you have an issue that isn’t covere by the standard customer support phone menu.

Stubhub’s Forum Can Assist

The community forum on Stubhub Contact is staff by both individuals and StubHub workers.
If you often buy and sell and want advice from a variety of sources, this is a fantastic method to get it.
Post an explanation of the problem you’re having and wait for responses.

You may use the forum’s search function, located at the page’s top right, to look through old threads.
Someone else may have asked for advice on a similar topic previously.

Frequently Ask Questions

Some questions about how contact stub hub here are the answers

Can You Chat With Stubhub Online

The only way to communicate with Stubhub Contact staff is via social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter; the site itself does not provide a live chat feature.
It seems that they did, however that method of getting in touch with StubHub has remove.

How Do I File A Complaint With Stubhub

Before submitting a formal complaint to StubHub, customers are encourage to contact the company directly by dialing 1-866-788-2482.
Fill out their notice of disagreement form and send it to Stubhub Contact legal team if you still want to submit a complaint.
They promise to get back to you within a month. Place these words on the envelope:
Attention: Litigation Division, StubHub, Inc. Notice of Dispute Regarding StubHub 199 Fremont Street, 4th Floor San Francisco, CA 94105

How Do I Get A Refund From Stubhub

Please contact StubHub at 1-866-788-2482 if you have any questions or concerns about an order you placed or tickets you purchased via them.
If you are not satisfy with your ticket, they will refund you 120% of your purchase price.
If a show is postponed or cancel, StubHub’s will give you a full refund.
You should expect an email from StubHub’s with further instructions for obtaining your refund or credit.

Can You Cancel Orders And Get Your Money Back

In spite of the fact that this is a somewhat annoying quirk of StubHub’s,
We are unable to provide refunds for orders that have already paid for.
Stubhub’s Contact says it can’t refund your purchase since doing so would be unfair to the seller on the marketplace,
Which is true in theory but doesn’t make the situation any less annoying.

Stubhub Opens Draper Customer Service Center

Stubhub’s Contact opened its Center of Excellence for Customer Service and Trust Operations in Draper,
Utah, south of Salt Lake City, yesterday, hosting its growing employee base, leadership team, more than a dozen local office representatives,
including Utah Congresswoman Mia Love of the 4th District, and a very special guest, beloved by Utahans, Thurl ‘Big T’ Bailey,
To celebrate its commitment to serving customers in its new digs.

Should You Use Stubhub

When it comes to buying or selling tickets for events, StubHub’s might be a useful tool.
But it’s always a good idea to look into alternative possibilities, just in case.
You might possibly save money by advertising your ticket sale on social media before listing on sites like StubHub’s.
Also, compare ticket prices across other websites before making a purchase.
Even while Stubhub’s Contact often has low rates, you may find a better offer elsewhere.

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