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House Cleaning

List of House Cleaning Tips and Tricks You May Not Know About

There are numerous ways you can approach your house cleaning. Some folks do it room by room, systematically, others skip this and that, but most often a major house cleaning is a lengthy process. But does it have to be so?

There are literally thousands of different ideas, tips, tricks and suggestions on house cleaning. We’ve collected some of those in order to show you that something as uninteresting as house cleaning can become something fun and useful at the same time. So let’s dive in.

Use baking soda

Baking soda has amazing capabilities when it comes to cleaning. It helps remove various types of old and new stains from different materials; it helps remove hard water induced scales from your kitchen and bathroom hardware; it can help with drain unclogging with no invasive methods that would cause some kind of damage to your water pipes, basically – baking soda is a power tool for DIY house cleaning.

With the use of vinegar, baking soda can help unclog even the intensively clogged pipes, while placing it by the towels, or near the area for drying the clothes, helps remove unpleasant smells from the surrounding.

Dust and clean your ceiling fan and your A/C filters

Ceiling fans can be great, but they accumulate a lot of dust, which inevitably gets dispersed through the room for everyone to freely breathe in. Air conditioning filters tend to emit unpleasant smells if they are not regularly cleaned, especially after they haven’t been used for a while.

Use an old pillowcase to properly dust off the ceiling fan, as pulling it over the blade makes sure all the dust remains in the pillowcase rather than to fly all over your house. Use anti-static products to prevent the fans from the further accumulation of the dust. Keep in mind that these products don’t last very long. Also, before using your A/C system, make sure you’ve properly cleaned the filter, as they tend to absorb a lot of bad smells due to the carbon within.

Get rid of unpleasant smells

Unpleasant smells are probably the biggest problem for most of the homeowners. Sometimes they can indicate a serious problem, but usually, they can be avoided and treated with ease. If the smell is too strong and it threatens to infiltrate your furniture, maybe you ought to move the furniture into some of super cheap self storage units until the issues are resolved.

We’ve already covered the part about baking soda and how it affects the smells from its surroundings, but even using simple lemons can help quite a lot. Putting few pieces of lemon in the cold water and heating it in your microwave oven removes the unpleasant smells from long uses, and it helps you remove those greasy stains. Adding lemon to the washing water helps dissolve fats faster, and it completely absorbs the bad smells from the applied area.

Use rubber glove for fur removal

All pet owners know how stressful can something like removing fur from your furniture can be. There are various ways, and tons of quite expensive tools made for that purpose, but there is a great and quite cheap solution for this.

To put it simply – rubber gloves. Using rubber gloves to remove the fur from your furniture is quite easy, and extremely cost effective. Just put on your glove and go over the area filled with your pet’s fur. You can move in circular motions in order to make that fur come out easily.

Clean those old carpet stains

Stained carpets give that feeling of being worn out. There are some ways you can approach the stain removal, and we always recommend using professional help, but there are also some cheaper ways for less serious stains.

One of the great ways to take out the hard stains from your carpet is using toothpaste. For greasier stains using the dishwasher with warm water and sponge with cold can do the trick, but it takes some time.

Learn some general tricks

When it comes to small cleaning chores, you can pick up a lot of great tips. For example – using rice is the best way to cheaply clean your coffee grinder, without using any products.

Using baby powder can help you untangle those headphones and jewelry. Microfiber does miracles when it comes to cleaning the tiles in your bathroom or kitchen, and using coffee filters to clean your monitors and TV set is the best way to keep them clean and without any damage, other products could cause.


There is a lot you can do to make your house cleaning easier, but you should always start with a concrete plan. Focus on a single task – floor cleaning for example. Clean all the floors in the house before starting the next chore. It will help you keep focus and save time. And some of these tips may even lead you to discover something new for yourself.

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