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How Can You Decorate Your Babys Room

It’s interesting how often style comes into play for couples welcoming new babies into their lives. Science (and parental observation, for that matter) suggests that infant children actually absorb an incredible amount of what they see and hear. But for all we know they’re relatively oblivious when it comes to style. That is to say, your baby probably isn’t sitting in his or her crib stewing over the fact that you chose polka dots instead of stripes for the walls, or worrying over which oneness will be in play the next morning.

But for parents, it’s a different story! We wrote last month about baby stroller style, but while most of that piece was focused on comfort and convenience, the idea of caring deeply about the “style” of baby-related accessories is one that most parents can relate to. You want your child to be comfortable, look cute, and, of course, absorb your own good taste. And you also want the baby’s room to be a beautiful, peaceful environment.

So how can you go about creating such an environment? Here are a few ideas on how you can manage it through your own decorative touch.

Paint The Walls

There are all kinds of adorable wallpapers you can sort through when planning a baby’s room, and if you find one that suits you, go for it. But sometimes a nice, soothing shade of paint looks a little bit more fitting for a baby. There’s less going on than in a cluttered wallpaper design and you can always add wallpaper as your child gets older, and in so doing reflect a particular interest of the child. In the meantime, it’s actually a fairly easy and enjoyable activity for a couple to paint their baby’s room in a single day on the weekend. You’ll just need a few rollers and brushes, some protective tape and tarps, and of course, the right color paint. And don’t limit yourself to pink or baby blue! pointed to a number of other colors that look just right for a nursery, and whether or not you go with one of those shades specifically, they might inspire you to shop around a little bit for that perfect color.

Bring In Stuffed Animals

I confess, this one might be more about buying things than employing your own decorative DIY efforts — but it’s still a very cute step to take. Children almost universally love stuffed animals and when you’re dealing with a new baby these soft, cushioned toys can effectively function as furniture! A few cuddly choices to keep in the crib or sitting on a mantle or shelving unit are always nice, and if it were my baby I’d also opt for one big, carnival prize-sized animal to occupy a corner of the room by itself. A giant stuffed panda, for instance, makes for an adorable guardian to watch over your baby.

Build A Crib On Your Own

Speaking of the crib, a lot of parents will take real satisfaction in building, or at least assembling one on their own. That’s not to suggest you should simply take a shot at it, because above all else it’s important that the structure be sturdy and reliable. But if you employ a DIY approach you’ll have more flexibility in choosing a style or blueprint to put together (as opposed to shopping through what’s available at the store). The important thing is having the right tools and materials on hand. At a minimum, that probably means a power drill, sanding equipment, and perhaps a hammer and nails. It could also be a good idea to have an impact driver or wrench on hand, given that Screwfix describes these types of tools as being perfect for loosening or tightening large screws, nuts, and bolts. These are the little pieces that hold the crib together, so you’ll want to be able to drive them in reliably. Wit h these kinds of accessories handy, you’ll just need the right kit or woodworking blueprint to put together a perfect homemade crib.

Customize A Mobile

Mobiles hanging over a baby’s crib are usually adorned with everything from little stars, birds, or other similar ornaments. But if you take a moment to browse on Pinterest you’ll find a number of inspiring customized takes on the mobile, which could just get your wheels turning on a perfect idea for your baby’s room. You might find a tiny stuffed cat or dog that resembles the family pet. You may design ornaments related to you or your spouse’s college mascot or you could find a symbol like a snowflake or blooming rose that might be emblematic of the season in which your baby was born. The options are endless, but it’s fun to customize this sort of thing to suit your family and your baby.

These are just a few ideas that can help to get you started. You’ll probably also want to take steps like making sure there’s natural light in the room, installing a soft carpet or rug, and even adding a few pieces of furniture for displaying photos, toys and the like. But with the above steps you can really begin to put a personal touch on your baby’s room.

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