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Things to Check Before Settling for A Gas Water Heater

#1. Capacity:

The main thing to look for in water heater is the gallons of water it can store.. So considering the size of your family, you need to choose the right heater that would suffice for the water requirements in the house. There are two ratings that must be also checked before the purchase. They are the gallons per minute and the first-hour rating. These two aspects will tell you how many gallons of hot water you can expect from the gas water heater over a particular period. Also, you need to check the space available in your house. The new heater that you buy might have a tank bigger than the previous one. So checking the space and other aspects make a fair estimate of the capacity of the water heater.

#2. Warranty:

Any average gas water heater has a warranty of 3 to 12 years, however, to get the longer warranty sometimes you need to invest a bit more., It’s worth investing on the ones with longer warranties, larger tanks and reliable burners. This is because, it will eventually last you for a longer time without the need for maintenance. So make sure, you opt for a water heater that has got a lot of warranty attached to it. It will serve you longer than you can even imagine. If the heater that you chose has no warranty then don’t go for it, you will have to spend a lot of money to repair it once it gets out of order.

#3. Displays:

Want to customize the operation of your gas water heater? Some of the water heaters as well as heat pumps, which are available in the market have various modes of operation. Away from the house? Save power with the vacation mode of operation. The displays on the various types of water heaters will help you get an idea about the temperature of the collector as well as the pressure of the heater. It will also display the constant variation in the temperature of the water present inside it, thus giving you an idea when you need to turn the heater on and off. This will help you to know without turning the tap on every time you need to check for hot water.

Apart from these three factors, the price is a major aspect of choosing a gas water heater. Make sure the model you have fixed is not overpriced. While it should be reasonably priced, you cannot expect the water heater you are buying to be dirt cheap. Also, ask for the heater installation whenever you are buying it from any shop. With these points in mind, it’s hard for anyone to make the wrong choice when they head to buy the heater.

So cross check these points every time you go out to look for the gas water heater.

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