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Upgrades for a New Home Builder You Should Skip Now

Who doesn’t love owning a new, custom-built home? Home builders offer you a comprehensive list of great upgrades you can add to your new home upfront for you to personalize the home of your dreams. However, many potential upgrades may have to fall off the priority list as your budget reaches its limit.

When you’re building a new home on a budget, you need to be strategic. Next to saving costs, passing on a few upgrades and just settling on the home builder’s standard features, for now, allows you to explore more options with the types of materials and features available elsewhere – which may be better and cheaper than the ones offered by your home builder.

Here are 8 builder upgrades you can feel comfortable skipping.

#1. Wood flooring

Need to add extra money for the wood flooring? You might want to pause for a bit.

While wood flooring is preferred by many, it may not be the best option if you’re saving money. Firstly, installing wood flooring is pricey. Secondly, they’re not as durable as they seem, since they’re prone to scratches and water damage.

If you want the same look for a lot less, opt for a laminate instead. They look like wood, but they’re more affordable, long-lasting, and resistant to water and scratches.

#2. Master bedrooms bump out

Who doesn’t want to come home to a bigger master bedroom? If you want to keep the home for yourself, with no plans to resell it in the future, then do as you please.

But if you want to add value to compete with other homes for sale, expanding your master suite will only cost you sums of money with little to no return on investment. The extra footage wouldn’t be much of an asset since the master’s bedroom simply adds the least value of all the common improvements you can make.

#3. Marble countertops

Marble has always been a go-to choice for kitchens. Though they are a beautiful addition, marble countertops are not a pretty solid investment. Marble is a porous, high-maintenance surface, which chips, stains, and receives scratches easily. In a high-traffic space where there’s a lot of spilling and slicing going on, be ready for extra work and cost.

If you want to mimic the look, going with quartz is a more practical choice. It’s a bit more expensive but it’s more durable and long lasting.

#4. Crown molding

Your home builder may also try to sell you on crown molding for your walls and cabinets. Resist it. While it looks extremely appealing for your home, crown molding is easy to install on their end yet is offered at a steep price. Save money for builder upgrades that will really matter.

#5. Backsplash

Like crown molding, leaving the tile work to your home builder isn’t the smartest choice.

Tile work is one of the simplest and cheapest upgrades you can do on your own after you move in. Not having a backsplash, for now, allows you to browse the tile shops to score something more visually appealing and on sale, and then hire somebody to do the job for a less expensive cost.

#6. Appliance package

If higher-grade appliances are crucial to you, ditch this upgrade. Chances are that your builder will only offer a three-appliance base package consisting of a fridge, stove, and dishwasher.

#7. Paint

This is another upgrade that’s cheap and easy to add on your own later.

Many builders give you a few color selections from their limited options and painting the rooms the color of your choice means increased price. Another thing is when you love a particular brand of paint. Chances are that the builders’ painters will only color match your paint selections to their preferred brand.

#8. Light fixtures

There’s nothing really special with the standard lighting fixtures offered by most home builders. And their options of upgraded lighting fixtures aren’t very fascinating either.

Browse online or take a trip inside a home depot, and you’ll see a wide array of light fixtures that aren’t just stylish and unique but are highly affordable too.

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