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Wall Color: How to Choose the Right One

Whether you are completely redecorating your home or simply repainting certain walls in certain rooms, choosing the right color is never an easy task. There are a number of things you have to take into consideration and the nuances in shades are just one of them – be sure to think about the natural light, the color of the furniture, as well as overall designing style present in a certain space. Even though this task can be tricky and challenging, there are some hints that can assist you in picking the best color for your walls and the one you will be content with in several months or a year.

#1.  Personal Choice

The first thing you have to think about is which colors you like the most and which ones will suit your general preferences. If you are not a fan of warm colors or pastel pallets, there is no reason why you should chose them as your future default environment. If, on the other hand, there is a color you feel comfortable with, but it does not fit in with the rest of the room’s design, there is always an option of picking a slightly lighter or darker shade, so you can reach the choice which is not only appeals to you but is practical, as well, they say at Omega Paints, highly-rated suppliers of premium paints.

#2.  Choose Wisely

With so many color choices today, you do not have to go with the popular ones, but be as creative as you want. Start by picking the basic color scheme and then search through it, deciding on nuances. However, be sure what you are looking for because with such a plethora of options, it is more than easy to make the wrong choice and pick a shade that is close to what you want, but turns out to be just a little bit off.

#3.  Make a Test Run

Once you have settled on the choice, do not buy cans and cans of it right away. In order to avoid major mistakes, start small and paint just a portion of a wall and then wait for a day or two until it dries completely. If you are still satisfied with the way it looks now, then go on and purchase as many cans as you need.

#4.  Consider the Light

In order to get the right color for your walls, think of the amount of natural light present in a room. Ones with not enough light do not work well with dark colors, while those with an abundance of it, naturally, do. Also, only under a sufficient amount of natural light will your choice show its full potential, so you should always check how a certain shade reacts with natural light because this is the best way to make the right choice. And if you feel there’s not enough natural light in a particular room, there are certain hacks for brightening it up.

#5.  The Organization of the Room

Rooms with big pieces of furniture tend to have their walls already occupied by massive things, which is why painting them is more challenging. Depending on the amount of free space on the walls, your color choices differ from lighter to darker and if your room is already full of things, try not to paint it too dark. Also, when it comes to combining furniture and a paint job, you should either look into arranging your furniture a bit better or de-cluttering the room so that your freshly colored walls can be seen.

The Final Results

The point of repainting your home is for you to be happier with the new situation than you were before. Since you are the person living in this space, you should choose the colors and consider your preferences, room organization, as well as the amount of already present natural light.

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